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Indian Food in Glasgow

5 Dishes To Try Out At The Best Indian Restaurant In Glasgow!

best Indian restaurant Glasgow

Indian food is loved by all! There is no place on the planet where you would not find an Indian Restaurant. The awesome aroma and the defined taste is the best treat for a hungry appetite. Moreover, Indian Cuisine has lots to offer for every different tastebud. Right from mild gravy to spicy hot curries, you will get versatility in this widely loved cuisine. To eat at the best Indian Restaurant in Glasgow is something all of you wish for, and so here we got top 5 recommendations for you to try out at Divans Darbar!

1.Malabar Chicken Curry

This is a delicacy from South India and has the taste of coconut in every bite. The flavours of curry leaves, coconut oil, coconut paste and fennel seeds are infused together to give it a distinct taste and aroma.

2. Lasooni Murgh Mumtaz

If you like to eat like royals then try this dish cooked in the dry fruits gravy. The tender chicken breasts are cooked in a rich almond and cashew gravy and the spices and fennel seeds give a magical aroma to the creation. You cannot take your eyes off the pista garnishing

3. Kerala Fish Curry

Love your salmon? Then try this salmon recipe that is cooked with kokum in the typical Kerala style. The tomato masala gives a tangy yummy twist to the entire dish.

4.Dum Aloo Kashmiri

Dum Aloo is a favourite with all and if it’s a Kashmiri Dum Aloo, there is nothing stopping! The baby potatoes are simmered in aromatic spices and you can feel the richness in every bite.

5.Khumb Matter Paneer

MattarPanner is an all-time favourite vegetarian dish and if you are looking for an exceptional taste, try this KhumbMattarPaneer where mushroom, cottage cheese and garden peas are tossed in rich tomato gravy!

The Speciality of the Best Indian Restaurant InGlasgow

Despite serving mouth-watering cuisine, Divans Darbar also serve hospitality at its best. The interiors and décor give you a royal ambiance and your dining experience is accelerated notches higher. The courteous staff and their warmth will make you feel special and you will not regret visiting us! Along with dine-in we also provide you with a fantastic takeaway menu where you get to order dishes and collect them at your convenience.

The best Indian Restaurant in Glasgow knows how to win its guestsand so the pricing always has a customer-friendly module. All the dishes at Divans Darbar are moderately priced so that you can enjoy the meal without worrying about the pocket pinch. So leave your concerns aside and come to have the royal taste within your budget!

Online Ordering

Ordering a takeaway was never so easier and the best Indian Restaurant in Glasgow always gives you online ordering ease. You can view the menu and order your favourite dishes. The payments can also be made online for a no-contact strategy!