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Indian Takeaway Glasgow

Best Asian Food in Glasgow

Best Asian Food in Glasgow

Asia covers the largest landmass. Since times unknown, many cultures existed. The mutually coexistent community and the excellent climatic environment is the reason behind distinct food varieties. Interestingly, Asian food reflects a distinctive flavour! From the desert of Persia to the great Himalayan, the gravy and spicy food stay as the backbone of Asian food. Indian food is one of the celebrated cuisines. The richness of the spices brings exquisite taste to the dishes. Royal dishes like "Dum Biryani," "Murgh Malai Tikka" are some of the classic meals you need to experience.

If you speak of the best Asian Food in Glasgow, Divans Darbar caters to the need of your taste buds. Our restaurant has something special for every individual's plate.

Serving You the Best Asian Food

When talking about our menu, here's how our Indian restaurant in Glasgow differs from other Asian restaurants. Our menu can be segmented as

Our specialized menu for both adults and kids ensures a wholesome dining experience. In fact, Divans Darbar puts in extra effort to meet all your requirements. Besides, when we talk about our cuisine, it's more about cooking styles maintaining traditional cooking structure.

At Divans Darbar, we specialize in traditional cooking techniques of roasting, grilling, frying along with conventional food recipes. Our curries are the most exceptional item on the menu. You are spoilt for choices when you go through our table menu as well as our takeaway menu. We provide nutrient-rich, lip-smacking varieties in starter, curries, main course, and desserts section.

We Care You

As a leading restaurant, Divans Darbar not only serves as the best Asian food in Glasgow, we provide complete transparency on the allergen content in the dishes. We have a well-chalked out “Allergen Data Sheet” This includes all the dishes that we serve along with the ingredients in a clear form.

We request diners to go through the chart before they place an order. Our Asian food restaurant prepares under strict supervision; we have all the ingredients present in our pantry and kitchen. As a result, we don't guarantee the traces of allergen in your dish.

Intricate Ambiance That Speaks Elegance

Divans Darbar can fulfil your eating spree. What draws crowds to our restaurant is not just the food or the classy interiors but the presentation and the courteous staff. When we say "Divans Darbar," we ensure that you experience the aristocracy served in the courtroom of the nobles in the recent past. The speciality of this Asian food hub in Glasgow ensures good food and fantastic interiors, and a complete dining experience.

Our Wizards

Divan Darbar stands out from the rest due to its exceptional service quality. Armed with traditional recipes for food preparation, diners get to feel the authentic taste of India. Along with that, you get 100% nutritional requirements. Also, we keep our kitchen in perfect condition. The premium-grade ingredients are the sole reason behind the refreshing taste. With us, you can expect quick service with zero compromises on quality.


1) What Are The Best Asian Food?

Asian food covers a significant area of influence. Some of the best Asian food in Indian cuisine includes

2) Are Asian Foods Healthy?

Asian food has got all the essential ingredients required for your body. Our food comes with packed-up benefits that nourish your body and mind.

3) Can I Get Vegan Or Vegetarian Food In Asian Restaurant?

Asian restaurant offers vegan and vegetarian foods. Go to our menu page to view vegan/vegetarian food.

4) What Are Asian Restaurants In Glasgow Famous For?

Asian restaurants in Glasgow are famous for their devouring taste, splendid service, and affordable food price.